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Wagner Life Design - Himalaya Salt Dreams - Grey Line


With the GREYLINE of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS Wagner Life Design has created a new very high-quality product line in the area of salt decoration. It is the grey Salt Crystal, which is characterised by its modern elegant colour scheme. More specifically, it offers an extraordinary and exceptionally shining light. The grey Salt Crystal is even more difficult to find compared to the white Salt Crystal and therefore increases the rarity of the Greyline products.


The grey Salt Crystal of course is also professionally mined and then processed carefully by hand. It only differs in colour from the classic orange Crystal Salt. The other positive characteristics are identical to those of the orange Crystal Salt.

The Salt Crystal Lamp "ROCK" of the GREY LINE is equipped with a high-quality wooden base and weighs about 2.5 kg. The lamp includes modern elegance and is wonderful in combination with other articles of the GREY LINE.

The Salt Crystal Lamp "PLANET - GREY LINE" has a high quality wooden base and weighs approx. 2.8 kg. It is supplied with an electric and bulb. Depending on the desire of color you can also use a LED light bulb which makes the shine less orange, but more grey. 

The Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder "DOUBLE HEART - GREY LINE" attracts everyone's attention. With a height of about 6 cm, it can be decorated wonderfully anywhere . The "Double Heart" is also available in the orange Himalayan salt.

The Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder "ROUND", "ROCK" and "CYLINDER"  form a beautiful decoration unit. Of course, they are available individually. The Tealight Candleholder "CYLINDER" measures a height of about 7 cm, the Tealight Candleholder "ROUND" about 8 cm. The classic form "Rock" weighs about 400g. 

The Tealight Candleholders "CUBE - GREY LINE" and "DOUBLE CUBE- GREY LINE" impress with their elegance and simple design. With a height of about 5.5 cm or 6 cm  they can also be nicely decorated together.

A wonderful decoration idea is the  decoration of Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder in the shape of the"ROCK" in 3 different colors:  ORANGE, WHITE LINE and GREY LINE. The three colors look beautifully together.

This can not only be done with the classic shape "ROCK" but also with the Tealight Candleholder "CYLINDER"  as well as the "CUBE", "TWINCUBE" and "ROUND" .


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