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HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS - Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholders


The Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS from Wagner Life Design fill the room with a natural, pleasant light. The little candle put in the Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder shines through the stone and produces a wonderful atmosphere. 

These classical Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder are available in three sizes, ca. 1000g, 700g and 400g. The large Tealight Candleholder has an opening of about. 46 mm and the sizes Medium and Small an opening about 40 mm. All Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholders are finely handcrafted and of superior quality.

Tthe exceptional Tealight Candleholder "SET ROCK" contains of two finely crafted Tealight Candleholder ROCK of 400 g and one Tealight Candleholder ROCK 700 g and three rock salt chips, which are arranged on a beautiful rosewood board. The set looks very nice and creates an harmonious picture.

New in the assortment of exceptional Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder is the "YIN YANG" Tealightholder with a diameter of about 13 cm. The well-known YIN YANG symbol is created by using  the pink and white crystal salt. It will be a great contribution to any room decoration.

The Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder, heart-shaped, “HEART”,  ca. 10.5 cm in w/d, and the Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder “ROUND”, ca. 9 cm high, are beautiful elements to decorate any room. These Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholders are carefully sanded and polished by hand.

The Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholders "CYLINDER" , "STAR" and "CUBE" are elaborately ground by hand. The plain modern design of these candleholders of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS emphasizes their beauty.  The Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder "CYLINDER" of Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS has a diameter of about 7 cm. The Tealight Candleholder "STAR" has a diameter about 11 cm and the "CUBE" approx. 6 cm.

Get yourself inspired by this very beautiful Tealight Candleholder "LOTUS FLOWER". With great care this engraving was done. The diameter of the LOTUS FLOWER is ca. 9 cm.

The lucky charm Tealight Candleholder "Blossom" is a wonderful addition to the existing assortment of Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS. This beautiful Tealight Candleholder has a height of approx. 5 cm and is an enrichment to everyone.

There are another two beautiful Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholders in the assortment of Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS. The very nice  "WATER LILY" with a diameter of ca. 9 cm, the pretty "TULIP", about 7 cm high. All Salt Crystal Candle Tealightholders from HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS are made carefully by hand and light up very nicely.

The Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder "TWIN HEART" by HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS is intensively polished  and stands out by its extraordinary shape. Height: 6 cm, width 12 cm and depth: 15 cm.

This modern Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder "TWIN-CUBE" by HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS of Wagner Life Design has a height of about 5.5 cm, a width of about 15 cm and a depth of about 6 cm.

A wonderful decoration idea is the  decoration of Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder in the shape of the"ROCK" in 3 different colors:  ORANGE, WHITE LINE and GREY LINE. The three colors look beautifully together.

This can not only be done with the classic shape "ROCK" but also with the Tealight Candleholder "CYLINDER"  as well as the "CUBE", "TWINCUBE" and "ROUND" .

The Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder  "ANTIQUE FINISH" of Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS  is a peculiarity due to its design. By lighting the tealight on the salt plate you can see the warm light through the Salt Crystal. Height: approx. 11.5 cm.


With the new product line of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS, the GREY LINE,  the company Wagner Life Design has created something very special which boasts with its exclusive design and the use of the very rare Himalayan Grey Crystal Salt.

We do offer a wide range of products of the GREY LINE, Salt Crystal Lamps as well as Salt Crystal Tealight CandleholdersPlease visit the GREY LINE page to get further information. Also in our WHITE LINE we offer both, Salt Crystal Lamps and Salt Crystal Candle Tealightholders. Please vist the  WHITE LINE page.

Since salt articles are natural products and unique, each individual piece may differ slightly in appearance


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