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Wellness and More

Besides the high-quality Slalt Crystal Lamps and Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholders of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS by Wagner Life Design we can also offer Salt Crystal products for the wellness and spa area.


Our Salt Crystal Bricks of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS consist of 100% Crystal Salt and have a size of ca. 5 cm x 20 cm and are very well suited for the design of a wellness or spa area. The Salt Crystal bricks are carefully produced in our excluxive production in Punjab/Pakistan and are perfect to build walls, benches and other wellness objects. These objects will appear in a special light, if alluminated accordingly. Please contact us on any various uses and questions. 

Any wellness or spa area should be provided with our top-yuality, carefully selected HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS Crystal Bath Salts. A bath with this salt affects both relaxing and reassuring effect on the body and an overall well-being. The Himalayan Bath Salts from Punjab/Pakistan are available in 1 kg folded boxes in 1 - 3 mm granular.

The HIMALAYAN SALT DREAMS Bath Salts area also available in bulk as in polybags, plastic bags or buckets. Please contact us. We do also offer Himalayan Bath Salt chunks in size of a bout 30 - 70 g, both in the familiar pink colour as well as in transparent white Crystal Salt, in 1 kg bags or 25 kg sacks.

In addition to our wellness programm we have a "Salt Crystal Bar" in our range. It weighs about 250 g and can be used in many ways, such as complementary to cleaning, as a support against body odor or generally for skin care. Salt is generally antiseptic and can therefore prevent body odor.


The "Salt Crystal Bar HEART" also is a very nice addition to our range. Besides the features of the Salt Crystal bar it can also be used  for decoration.

A new addition to the existing assortment  Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS now offers high-quality "SALT THERAPY PILLOWS", which we have in three sizes.

SMALL: 23 x 14 cm

MEDIUM: 45 x 14 cm

LARGE: 40 x 22 cm

The Salt Therapy Pillows can easily be heated in the oven. They perfectly keep the heat and later spend it. The pillows can be used for example in cases of tension and other minor injuries. Of course they do not replace a doctor's visit.

The special produced SALT LICKS for animals from HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS are gaining in popularity. The salt licks are fitted with a cord and are available in sizes of 1 - 2 kg, 3 - 4 kg and 4 - 5 kg. The two smaller sizes are individually sealed, the big salt licks of 4 - 5 kg have a 30mm hole and are packed in a wooden box of 80 pieces.


Since salt articles are natural products and unique, each individual piece may differ slightly in appearance.

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