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With the WHITE LINE of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS Wagner Life Design has created a new line in the area of very high quality Salt Crystal Lamps. The new line of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS consists of exclusive Salt Crystal products of the white Himalayan Crystal Salt, obtained from the salt mines in Punjab, a province in Pakistan, south of the Himalayas. Where the well-known pink Crystal Salt is mined, in few cases this rare white quality can be found. The white Crystal Salt quality is extraordinary seldom. It only differs in colour, the other positive characteristics are the same as with those of the pink Crystal Salt.


The pure white quality of the WHITE LINE is extremely rare and must be mined and processed with great care. By their already very long experience HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS guarantees a cautious use of this extraordinary white Salt Crystal. When mining the pink Crystal Salt the workers carefully look out for the rare white quality. It is only the very pure and white quality that can be used for further processing and for the production of our high-quality WHITE LINE products.


Due to the extremely rare occurrence of white Crystal Salt it can also be regarded as a big rarity. It is this fine selected white Himalayan Crystal Salt, which gives the new WHITE LINE its exclusivity and particularity. Exceptional shine and elaborately manual labor reflect the elegant appearance of the new product line.

For a long time the very popular pink Salt Crystal Lamp "Planet" is already estabilished in our assortment. This beautifull, elaborately polished salt crystal is also available in the white quality, the WHITE LINE "PLANET". The simple design of this Salt Crystal Lamp convinces as well as the other WHITE LINE products.  It has a diameter of approx. 13 cm. Including electrical appliance and bulb. It also has a hig-quality wooden base.

The Salt Crystal Lamp WHITE LINE "CUBE", about 10 cm high, stands out for its simple, yet very sophisticated design. The cube-shaped stone is carefully hand-crafted and has a wooden base. As with all Salt Crystal Lamp of Wagner Life Design a certified electric appliance and bulb are included.

The Salt Crystal Lamp WHITE LINE "POLAR BOWL" of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS includes a high quality black ceramic bowl and 10 white rock crystals to be illuminated with fairy lights. Through the light chain the salt crystal chips in the bowl bring out a pleasant light to the room.

New to the range of Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS we do now offer an exclusive floorlamp. Te "XL-FLOOR LAMP". A carefully selected large salt rocks will be provided with two holes for the electric appöionaces including bulbs.. This decorative item is a very unique piece and weighs about 20-25 kg.

The high-quality WHITE LINE “ANGELS” of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS are carefully produced and a rarity. Not only enlighted they create a wonderful atmosphere. The “ANGEL” with a height of ca. 19 cm and a high-quality wooden base is equipped with the familiar electric appliance. The little “ANGEL” with an approx. height of 13 cm is directly connected to an LED-electric.


New in the range of Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS is the exceptional LED-Salt Lamp  "DIAMOND" with a diameter of ca. 9 cm. This HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS Salt Crystal Lamp shines like a big diamond. An LED-electric is attached.

New to our assortment there are the products "LED HEART", 9 cm wide and the "LED-STAR", which is about 11 cm wide. Both Salt Crystal Lamps of Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DFEAMS are equipped with a high-quality LED-electric. The  LED-heart looks adorable and can also be perfectly combined with the LED HEART in the pink salt quality.  Both, the "DOLPHIN" and the "ELEPHANT" are made with big care and are wonderful decorative elements.

Newly added to the assortment of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS are the beautiful animal Saltcrystal Lamps "DOLPHIN" and "ELEPHANT" are. Both lights are equipped with a high-quality LED-electric and have a nice wooden base made ​​of rosewood. The DOLPHIN is about 15 cm and the ELEPHANT is about 11 cm high.


In addition to the well-known pink quality we can now offer the following USB-Lamps in the white Salt Crystal. The USB Lamps "PYRAMID", h: ca. 10 cm, the "CUBE", h: ca. 9 cm and the "ROCK", h: ca. 10 cm. 


Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS can also offer ready put LED combinations. A high-quality black LED-base of LED DREAMS with 5 LEDs is combined with a Salt Crystal. You can choose between the following Salt Crystal asseccories from the WHITE LINE: the classic "SALT ROCK," the carefully ground and polished "PYRAMID" , the "CUBE" the or the "BALL". The"BALL" is also available in the pink quality. Additonally there is also the "HALIT PILE" available with its three cubic Salt Halites.

WHITE LINE Salt Crystal Candle Tealightholders

This elegant Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder "ROUND" of Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS is an elaborately ground and polished product. It has an approx. height of 8 inches. The Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder WHITE LINE  "CYLINDER" of Wagner Life Design HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS is elaborately ground and polished and has a diameter of about 7cm.

The WHITE LINE Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder "Rock" with its basic shape is about 400g. The Tealight Candleholders "STAR" and "CUBE" are elaborately ground by hand. The plain modern design of these candleholders of HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS emphasizes their beauty. The Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder "STAR" is about 5 cm high and the "CUBE" approx. 6 cm.

Get yourself inspired by this very beautiful Tealight Candleholder "LOTUS FLOWER" of the WHITE LINE. With great care this engraving was done. The two Tealight Candleholder can be purchased either alone or together. The height of the LOTUS FLOWER is ca. 8 cm.

New in the productline of Wagner Life Design are the Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder "TULIP" and "LUCKY CLOVER". The "TULIP" is about 7 inches high and the "LUCKY CLOVER" has a diameter of about 11 cm. Both White Line Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder from HIMALAYA SALT DREAMS are also available in the pink Salt Crystal quality.

New in the assortment of exceptional Salt Crystal Tealight Candleholder is the "YIN YANG" Tealightholder with a diameter of about 13 cm. The well-known YIN YANG symbol is created by using  the pink and white crystal salt. It will be a great contribution to any room decoration.

Since salt articles are natural products and unique, each individual piece may differ slightly in appearance


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