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LED DREAMS - Crystals and Accessories

By using natural crystals of Wagner Life Design LED DREAMS as accessories for LED-Bases and LED-Frames one can produce fascinating beautiful light effects.

Salt Crystals 

These natural Salt Crystals are hand-picked and come from the salt mines from Punjab/Pakistan south of the Himalayan mountains. The Salt Crystals are crystallized more than 500 million years and are also well known  as high-quality table salt. Salt Crystals are often described to have a harmonious effect on the organs. Each Salt Crystal is unique and an expression of purity and natural beauty. The white Salt Crystal "MOUNTAIN" has a height of about 8 cm and weighs about 200g. The Salt Crystal "HALITE-PILE" (3 cubic Halite-Crystals) is about 9 inches high and also weighs about 200g. The Salt Crystal "BALL", available in the well-known pink quality or in the white Crystal Salt, has a diameter of ca. 8 cm. Additionally Wagner Life Design can offer the following three Salt Crystal Accessories: The "PYRAMID" and the "CUBE".

Selenite Crystals 

This special Crystal from North Africa is said that it serves as a natural fiber. The crystals direct the light in one direction like a laser-wire ("Monitor" effect). It is frequently mentioned that the Selenite Crystal enhances mental clarity and represents with its white light greatest consciousness. Each Selenit Crystal of Wagner Life Design LED DREAMS is hand-picked and embodies a natural elegance and impressive clarity. The Selenite Crystal is available as Selenit "Crystal "Ball" with a diameter of ca. 7 cm, and as a Selenit Crystal "Montain" with a height of ca. 10 cm.

Rock Crystals

The natural Rock Crystal from Brazil has a mineral hardness 7 and is quite rare regarding the delivered high quality. In the crystal healing the Rock Crystal is as a replacement for the diamond stone. According to the crystal healing it has a healing and restorative effect on the entire organism. Wagner Life Design LED DREAMS offers a polished Rock Crystal, ca. 90-200g and a natural shaped and polished Rock Crystal "Peak", approx120 - 190 g.

Glass Accessories 

The high quality "splintered" Crystal Glass Balls have a diameter of about 7 cm. Due to the different nature of these glass balls interesting refraction and lighting effects can be achieved on the LED-Bases of Wagner Life Design LED DREAMS. Through the use of different colour circles of the LED-Bases a colourful change of light effects can be seen. A similar effect can be realized by using the "EARTH", the "FOOTBALL" or the "DOLPHIN", all with an approx. diamieter of 8 cm.

Electric supply 

The power supply/transformer and USB cables provide an alternative to battery power and fit for all LED-Bases and LED-Frames of Wagner Life Design LED DREAMS.

The shown combinations of LED-Bases and Frames are only examples. Of course individual combinations are possible. Please contact us for further information.

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