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The LED-Frames are a special product developed by Wagner Life Design LED DREAMS. They have a special feature, since the illuminated decorative object is highlighted even in daylight. By turning the LED-Frame upside down and indirect illumination is also possible.

The LED-Frames of Wagner Life Design LED DREAMS are offered in the following sizes:

LED-Frame "Large", including 4-B batteries
Outside dimensions: height 21 cm, width approximately 16 cm, depth approximately 5.6 cm,
Internal dimensions: height: 12 cm, width: 8 cm, depth: 5 cm

LED-Frame "Small", including 3 AAA batteries
Dimensions: Height about 14.7 cm, width about 10.4 cm, depth approximately 3.5 cm
Internal dimensions: height: 8.9 cm, width: about 5.6 cm, depth: 2,4 cm

An additional power supply/transformer can be purchased separately.

Both the LED-Frame "Large" and the LED-Frame "Small" of Wagner Life Design LED DREAMS come in two LED versions: either with 5 super-bright white LED's (dimmable), or 5-colour LED's (red, blue, yellow, green) with colour changes and stop function of the colours.

Buddhas, Angels and natural crystals are a very trendy and will be beautifully illuminated in the LED-Frames of Wagner Life Design LED DREAMS. There are many individual combinations, the combinations shown here are examples only. The black LED-Displays are also perfect for individual product presentations or other decorative purposes.

Accessories for LED-Frames of Wagner Life Design LED DREAMS:

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