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.... a different style of living

Nature´s Melody Crystal Vortex 

By rotating the Crystal Vortex you have the perception to see the galss crystal and colured ball move downwards consistentally. These beautiful spinners are availble in two different sizes: approx. 18 inches (with two glass/coloured balls) and approx. 12 inches. They are suitable for in- and outdoor use. 

Nature´s Melody Crystal Vortex - ca. 18 inches

           amber                          aqua                            blue

            green                            red

Nature´s Melody Crystal Vortex - ca. 12 inches

            amber                         aqua                            blue

            green                            red

We do offer Standing Displays, that are perfect to decorate the Crystal Vortex Spinners and other spinners or wind chimes. Please contact us for further information. 

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