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Wagner Life Design Palmwax Candle-Jar UNIQUE


The Palmwax Candle-Jars UNIQUE are a new line of Wagner Life Design PALM LIGHT. They are characterized by their simplicity. The glass is worked finely. This  poured palmwax in the jars forms a crystalline surface. These Palmwax Candle-Jars UNIQUE with a height of 14 cm are ideal for use in a glass jar.
The product line is UNIQUE is available in the trendy colours blackberry, rose, greybrown, greybeige, aubergine, ruby, white, pink, mango, limegree, green apple, ivory, caramel, ruquoise, ocean. Please feel free to combine different colour combinations for individual decoration.
The PALM LIGHT Windlicher UNIQUE have many advantages compared to conventional candles:
  They burn up to 60 hours in indoor and outdoor use
They are made of pure vegetable stearin, which is extracted from the fruits of oil palms
    Palm oil is a
renewable vegetable raw material
    We use only high-quality, non-fading colours
There are special wicks used to support the clean burning
The stearin in the jars completely burns without residue
The glasses are of high fireproofed quality refractory
The candles burn with a very bright, vivid flame


blackberry, rose, greybrown, greybeige, aubergine, ruby, caramel, ivory, white 

pink, mango, yellow, limegreen, green apple, dark green, red, ivory, turquoise, ocean

This "MIXED BOX I "contains two UNIQUE candles of each of the following 6 colours: IVORY, ROSE, RUBY, GREYBEIGE, LIMEGREEN and MANGO

The UNIQUE Palmwaxcandle can ideally be used in a Glass Jar. No wax will be spilled in the glas jar. It stays clean and everone can enjoy the nice light of the UNIQUE Palmwax Candle. Any UNIQUE candle can be chosen in addition to the Glass Jar.


Burning instruction: Please burn candle only under supervision in the original undamaged glass out of the reach of children! In order to minimize any smoke, every now and then trim the wick on about 1 cm. The liquid wax is to be kept free from contamination. The distance to the next candle should be at least 20 cm in order to allow consistent burning.


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