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PALM LIGHT - Palmwax Candle-Jars CHAKRA

PALMLIGHT Palmwax Candlejars CHAKRA

height: ca. 20 cm and ca. 6 cm 

available colours: Violett, Indigo. Light blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red, White and Multicolor (not shown)

burning time: max. 100 hours (20 cm) and max. 15 hours (6 cm)

The PALM LIGHT Palmwax Candle-Jars CHACRA are a result of 25 years experience of Wagner Life Design in producing high quality candles. We count the PALM LIGHT Palmwax Candle-Jars to one of the most outstanding candles in the world because they have many advantages compared to other candles:

  • They can be used indoor and outdoor 
  • They have a very long burning time
  • They are made of pure vegetable stearin, which is extracted from the fruits of oil palms
  • Palm oil is a renewable vegetable raw material
  • On the surface there are beautiful crystals
  • We use only high-quality, non-fading colours
  • There are special wicks used to support the clean burning
  • The stearin in the jars completely burns without residue
  • The glasses are of high fireproofed quality refractory
  • The candles burn with a very bright, vivid flame



The term CHACRA comes from Sanskrit and is translated literally with wheel, disc, circle. Chakras can be thought of as a big flow of energies that fulfill the supply energy from outside and transfer them to the human energy system. They serve as a receiver, transformer and distributor of the most diverse forms of energy. From the sensitive body of a human being, from nature and from the environment they are able to absorb life energy. This energy is converted in a way, that the physical body can continue to develop. This can be perceived by the people, for example as thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.


The seven chakras are considered to be arranged one above the other as main energy centers of the human being. Each one is described with a Sanskrit name, a symbol, a certain area of ​​the body and a colour. Sensitive people can see the colours of the chakras. When all the colours are activated equably as in the rainbow the person´s potential is activated. One feels happy and balanced. Our intuition tells us what colour is good for us. With the according candle, we can activate the corresponding chakra, as we turn our attention towards it.

On each Wagner Life Design PALM LIGHT Palmwax CHAKRA Candle-Jar the Chakra symbol is applied in gold letters:

Muladhara Chakra, red, beginning at the bottom of the spine, represents the element earth
Swadhishthana Chakra, orange, below the navel, represents the element of water
Manipura Chakra, yellow, above the navel, is the element of fire
Anahata Chakra, green, heart area, is the element of wind
Visuddha Chakra: light blue, larynx, represents the element of ether
Ajna Chakra, indigo blue, the forehead, stands for the element of spirit
Saharara Chakra, purple, above the head, represents the element of universe

As a supplement to  the seven major chakras, there are the favourite white Chakra Palmwax-Candle-Jar, White Lotus, and the Multicolor Palmwax Candle-Jar with all the chakra colours. The Wagner Life Design Palm Light Palmwax Candle-Jars are available in two sizes: ca. 20 cm and ca. 6 cm.

Burning instruction: Please burn candle only under supervision in the original undamaged glass out of the reach of children! In order to minimize any smoke, every now and then trim the wick on about 1 cm. The liquid wax is to be kept free from contamination. The distance to the next candle should be at least 20 cm in order to allow consistent burning. To light you may use either a long match or a spaghetti.


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