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PALM LIGHT - Palmwax Candle-Jars NUANCE

The PALM LIGHT Palmwax Candle-Jars are a result of 25 years experience of Wagner Life Design in producing high quality candles. We count them to one of the most outstanding candles in the world. The PALM LIGHT Palmwax Candle-Jars NUANCE have many advantages compared to other candles:

    They burn up 100 hours (ca. 20 cm height), or 15 hours (ca. 6 cm in height) in indoor and outdoor use
They are made of pure vegetable stearin, which is extracted from the fruits of oil palms
    Palm oil is a 
renewable vegetable raw material
    We use only high-quality, non-fading colours
There are special wicks used to support the clean burning
The stearin in the jars completely burns without residue
The glasses are of high fireproofed quality refractory
The candles burn with a very bright, vivid flame


The PALM LIGHT Palmwax Candle-Jar NUANCE fascinates by their wax filling in different shades and layers. They are available in the size of ca.  20 cm and ca. 6 cm. This extremely time.consuming filled high-quality Palmwax Candle-Jar NUANCE is beeing offered in the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, ivory and brown. The small Palmwax Candle-Jar NUANCE is also available in multicolor.

Burning instruction: Please burn candle only under supervision in the original undamaged glass out of the reach of children! In order to minimize any smoke, every now and then trim the wick on about 1 cm. The liquid wax is to be kept free from contamination. The distance to the next candle should be at least 20 cm in order to allow consistent burning. To light you may use either a long match or a spaghetti.



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