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Wagner Life Design PALM LIGHT Private Label

The company Wagner Life Design is able to offer a private design or private label for our palmwax candles. Both developments in color, size and shape of our existing product range as well as individual new designs of palm wax candles are possible. 
 The "Wine bottle" and "Candle in the Jar" are only examples. Please contact us for any other individual or private label opportunities.

The "Candle in the Jar" by PALM LIGHT are particularly atmospheric palmwax candles. Provided with two wicks they evenly burn down in the glass and can be closed with a lid after having been used. Our "Candle in the Jar is, like all our candles, fragrance-free. PALM LIGHT Wagner Life Design offers this nice candle in any colour combination on request. We are happy to develop your private label. The height of this beautiful candle is about 11 cm and the burning time is around 45 hours.

These Palmwax candles of Wagner Life Design PALM LIGHT is a fantastic and very original gift. The black and red wine bottle, about 29 cm high,  are covered with plastic sleeve for protection and have a burning time of approximately 60 hours. This candle is only available with label on request of private label.




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